Banks & Currency

Ireland is a member of the Eurozone and its currency is the Euro (€). At current exchange rates €1 = $1.09.  Visa and Mastercard  are all widely accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants.  Typical bank opening hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, and ATMs are widely available.


The time on the island of Ireland is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from late October to late March. During the spring/summer (April-September) it is GMT+1.


Ireland’s climate is temperate year round.  September weather can be warm and pleasant but showers can occur.  Average  temperatures in September range from 16  to 18 degrees C.


Ireland has two official languages – Irish (Gaelic) and English. However, with the exception of small Irish speaking areas, English is overwhelmingly the main language used in Ireland. You will come across some Irish on road signs, place names etc which are usually printed in both Irish and English.


Smoking is prohibited in public areas in Ireland, including all bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  Please use the designated smoking areas outside venues.   If required you should enquire whether your hotel bedroom is a smoking or non-smoking room.


While the host city will generously sponsor the cost of meals for all participants throughout the Conference, participants will need to bear their own costs for accommodation in a designated hotel. The delegations are also expected to bear their own travel and additional subsistence expenses.


There is no registration fee for the third International Conference on Learning Cities, and the host city will generously provide meals for all participants throughout the event. However, participants are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs, as well any additional subsistence expenses.

If you belong to one of the following groups, however, you may be eligible for funding:
• Delegation from a member city of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities in a low- or lower-middle-income country
• National Delegation nominated by a UNESCO National Commission in a low-income country
• Mayors from non-member cities in low-income countries

Interested candidates should send an email to the conference secretariat at, providing a brief outline of their reasons for wanting to attend the conference along with their contact details.

Please note that all delegates should first preregister on the conference website, at