Most  visitors to Ireland, including those from EU countries, require a valid passport in order to enter the Republic of Ireland

While UK citizens do not require a passport to enter Ireland, most carriers by air or sea require some form of identification with photograph (usually either a passport or drivers licence with photograph). Visitors are strongly advised to check what form of ID is required with the individual airline, tour operator or travel agent before travelling.


Visitors from many countries also require a visa to enter Ireland and it is wise to check with your travel operator whether your originating country requires a visa. You are advised to read all other information on visas contained on the website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service  This website provides useful information regarding who needs a visa, what supporting documentation is required and how to obtain a conference/event visa. Information on the website is available in a number of languages (including Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish etc.)

Please note that visa applications can take 6+ weeks for Ireland – please ensure that you apply in time to attend the conference.  Applications for conference/event visas must be made online through the online visa application facility (AVATS)

If you have a transit flight, please ensure to check with the country of transit whether a visa is required. For information on transit visa’s through the UK and USA, visit and

While information about the visa process is available on in several languages, questions within the online visa application are in English and must be answered in English.

Before beginning the online process, you should have the following information to hand:

  1. Passport and details of any previous passports – number, date of issue/expiry
  2. Details of any previous Irish visa applications
  3. Contact details for your host in Ireland
  4. Itinerary

Following submission of your online visa application using AVATS, please note that you will also be required to submit a signed summary of your application form (as created by the online facility), original passport, passport-sized colour photographs, the relevant fee and all supporting documents. The summary application form created by the online facility will tell you how to submit your documentation and pay the relevant fee.

If you require a visa you may request a letter of booking confirmation from the conference desk.  It is advisable that you book accommodation for the duration of your stay and request confirmation of this from your hotel. This confirmation should also be included with your visa application.